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Web Design - Dr.J Entertainment

A web design solution for a DJ & Event management services company. The solution was required to be funky with a party feel to it. Highlighting its services which provides Sound & Lighting systems, Multimedia solutions to stage and backdrop designs, along with a Photo gallery of all events.

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Web Design - Runeware Integrated

A web design solution for an agency who specialize in Marketing Communication and Event Management services. The interface was required to be simple and elegant mainly highlighting its services portfolio and their wide range of clients.

Web Design - Mr.D Portfolio site ( Version 1 )

The very 1st version of my portfolio website. The design is almost 4 years old. The idea was to show my graphic skills at a glance. Red and Black being my favorite colors, chose to design a layout based on the shape of my logo(Mr.D).

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UI Design - Brandix Flash Presentation

An UI solution for a flash presentation. The solution was required to have a catchy UI to showcase its product portfolio.

Logo Design - Thulir

Thulir(Sprout) is a social innovation centre, which works on research, building solutions and transferring them to the community. The logo was deisgned to give an impression that its a place where things start.

Logo Design - Hide Media

A Logo design solution for an Event Management company.

Logo Design - Watermelon Photography

A Logo design solution for a Photography Brand Name.

Logo Design - Born Nomadic

A Logo design solution for a Travel & Wildlife photography book. The Logo was required to have a "travel around the world" feel to it. Hence the logo was designed with a compass replacing the letter "O".

Brand Identity Design - SDS

A total Brand identity solution for an UK based Architectural Design services company. The theme was required to be simple with minimal colors and a structural feeling to it.

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Logo Design - MUG

A Logo design solution for an IT community group.

Logo Design - Irshad

A logo design solution for a hip hop MC, musician, poet, podcaster and copywriter. The logo revolves around the name “Irshad”. The letter “I” is made out of a symbol of a shell horn with a flame on top. The Shell Horn represents “Expression, Call Attention, etc.” and the Flame represents “Divinity, creation, knowledge/wisdom”.

Brand Identity Design - hSenid HRM Enterprise

A Brand identity solution for a HR service software product. The logo theme was designed based on the slogan "Its all about people".

Logo Design - Eventers

A logo design solution for an Event Management company.

Logo Design - API Geeks

A logo design concept to attract IT university students. The design was required to be printed on T-shirts and stickers.

Logo Design - 20th Anniversary Concept Design

A concept for a 20th Anniversary Logo with "Connecting Minds" as a theme.

Logo Design - Mr.D The Designer (2016)

Personal Brand Identity Revamp (Mr.D The Designer)

Logo Design

A brand identity concept design to resemble the traditional sri lankan mask with a tech look.

Logo Design - Spend Win

A Logo design solution for an online Gaming site. The symbol is designed using the shapes of the "S" and "W" to form a shape of a "Spade" in the middle.

Logo Design - Wine Hill

A Logo design solution for a Wine Store.

Print Design - Company Profile Design

A compnay profile design solution for a construction Company.

Print Design - inW2

A print design solution for an UK based IT service providing company. The requirement was to design different colored brochures for all its services.

Video Production - Life at hSenid Mobile

A corporate video production for a software development company. The requirement was to compile a video highlighting the internal life of the organization with employee testimonials. The process includes video recording and editing.

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Motion Graphics - Corporate Intro

A corporate video intro for a HR software solutions company. The requirement was to create a professional intro clip with the company name. This video will serve as an intro clip for all its corporate/product videos.

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Mr.D Photography


CAPTURING moments, which reveals a secret within a secret

A hobby which brings me closer to reality and connects with my creative side. Its so personal, hence it gives me time to observe, learn and experiment. Most importantly it helps me to discover new facets of my personality and myself.


Web / Graphic / Logo Designer  |  Multimedia Specialist

Vishakan Dinesh

A Visual Problem Solver. (AKA Mr.D) A passionate designer from Sri lanka. Specializing in Graphic Design, Front End Web Development, Motion Graphics and Video Production. A design career which spans over a decade of industrial experience on projects which has served various international & local clients.

Being a designer allows you to make this world a better looking place and be a solution provider for real visual problems. The process of giving life to an idea and learning to make a living doing something fun is one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Work Experience

(2005 - 2007)
Kicked off my design career as an e-Media Developer, working for an UK based software development and IT services company named InW2.

JD - Design and maintain professional user Interfaces, Promotional media and Flash animations.

(2007 – till date)
Joined hSenid, a leading software development company in sri lanka. Currently playing the role of Lead - Graphics / Branding.

JD - Lead & Manage the internal/external creative initiatives of the company. Making sure the organisation's advertising and marketing activities send out the right image. Creating brand guidelines and making sure that employees follow them. Establishing the look and feel of Marketing & Sales related materials. Creating work that is original, impactful and relevant to the over-all brand strategy for use in Promotional displays, Brochures, Web/App UIs, Logos, and Product Demos (Video/Animations).

Technical Skills

Adobe Photoshop 80%
Adobe illustrator 80%
Adobe After Effects 65%
Adobe Premier 70%
Adobe InDesign 75%
Coral Draw 75%
HTML5 / CSS3 65%


If you need a good design or to comment please feel free to give me a shout using the form below or e-mail me directly, and i will get back to you.

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